Partnership and Collaboration

Collaboration is the heart off our work and we prioritize relationship building between community advocates, researchers, policy makers and grassroots and non-profit organizations.

Traditional  'outside' expert community interventions to address environmental health challenges can  yield disappointing results without the expertise of local knowledge.  Meanwhile, community advocates with real challenges and great ideas often find research and policy experts difficult to access. 

Our goal is to build solid collaborations based on mutual expertise and knowledge exchange in order to develop  community relevant research-to-action projects that improve the wellbeing of  communities burdened by inequitable environmental health conditions.

We are currently developing specific population-based knowledge-to-action environmental health streams composed of community/research/policy partners and collaborators .

If you are interested in current partnership and collaboration opportunities or would like to learn more, please contact:


The Centre for Environmental Health Equity (CEHE) /                         

c/o University of Manitoba
Department of Environment and Geography
220 A Sinnott Building
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 2N2
Tel: 204. 272.1643

Attention: Mr. Jeff Masuda, Director

For general information, send us an email at: